Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter!

In honour of spring and Easter, I made another holiday themed fashion sketch.

 This time I've got a blonde girl (with hair slightly inspired by my new cut) in some very springy attire. Her shoes are brown, laceless shoes. If they were real, I'm thinking they'd be suede. I love the look of these shoes, especially with the jeans. I decided to go for capris because even though it is spring, here in Canada it is not nearly warm enough for shorts yet.
I added this adorable floral jumper, and I wish I could grab the clothes right off the page and wear them; maybe someday I'll be motivated enough to actually bring some of my designs to life.
I gave her a bright magenta lip that matches some of the flowers, and then she's wearing a black lace halter bralette (which I actually do own, yay).

These are the pencils I use. "design by Bruynzeel - Sakura". They are watercolour and pretty expensive, but the quality is totally worth the price. I think I paid around $40 for this set at a local art supplies shop. 

Thanks for reading! :) HAPPY EASTER!
- Kay

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