Friday, November 21, 2014

Item of the Week: Mini Smoothie Maker

* This post is old. It was set to go up on my blog at 7am on October 10, but it seems the internet missed it or I failed terribly at setting up the timer. Either way, here it is now. This blender has since then broken (not because it was crappy, rather because it fell on the floor from quite high up and cracked; I still recommend it). I have been trying to find a new one. Now you may read this post :) *

Helllo, Happy Friday! It's been almost a month since I posted.. oops.. again. Sorry about that! On the other hand I've been uploading quite often to my YouTube channel. Maybe some day I'll find some balance between these two.

This Friday I'm going to show you guys a little kitchen appliance that has made my life much easier compared to its larger option.

This is a little baby smoothie maker. I bought this from Walmart for only $20, and it was on sale the week before for $10 but I missed it :( 
What's great about this is that it makes a smaller, more reasonable portion for one person. Using a big blender I always make too much for myself to drink. This smaller one is also so much easier to clean! I can get away with rinsing it with hot water immediately after I use it. The big blender I have has to be taken apart and each piece has to be washed separately, which doesn't exactly motivate me to make a healthy smoothie. 
One more thing that this mini smoothie maker has to offer; you can pull the top part off, put the lid on, and use it as a travel cup since the lid has a small opening to drink from! 
As you can see on the box, it also has a 5 year warranty. Let's just say if this $20 smoothie make lasts me 5 years I'm going to be very happy! 

Brand: Hamilton Beach (which we have a coffee maker from that has lasted years!)
Cost: $20
Size: Makes about 500ml

Thanks for reading! I'll be posting some more smoothie recipes that I do later this month! 
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- Kay

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