Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Room Decoration

I love summer, but the feeling that the winter holidays bring is almost as good. When the leaves start changing colour I feel a little spark of excitement in me for the changing of the seasons. When the first snowfall of the year makes its appearance, I act like a happy child on Christmas morning.
Speaking of Christmas, I decorated my room already :)
No, I am not crazy or over excited or getting ahead of myself, but you won't believe that when I tell you I actually decorated it over a week before this blog post goes up... I might be a little over excited.

Now you can be crazy excited for Christmas too! This blog post is going to show the little bits of decoration that I've added to my room to spread holiday cheer (chessy, I know). I'm hoping this will give you a little bit of inspiration, but if not at least you can look at something pretty!

When I decorate for Christmas, I mainly decorate my room because I still live at home. I also decorate our front door and set up the Christmas tree in the living room, but that's about it for the rest of the house. However you can bet that when I have my own home it WILL be that one house covered in lights and decorations, inside and out (I'm not doing a great job convincing you I'm not crazy, am I?).
I used silver decorations in my room this year in an attempt to match all the blues that decorate my living space. There are also strings of white lights around my room that are there all year round; they just worked out nicely with the Christmas decorations!

I added silver tinsel on my mirror and bedframe, and decorated my mini tree with white lights and silver ornaments. Then I hung my Santa Claus hat on the corner of my bed to add some classic Christmas feelings. Lastly I always burn a Balsam Fir candle (all year round really) because it is my favourite candle scent. Now my room smells like Christmas too!

I like to keep the family tree in the living room decorated in classic holiday colours: red and gold.

Thanks for reading!

Check out my YouTube channel; I just uploaded a "Holiday Lookbook"!

- Kay xx

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