Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm a bit of a failure... But here are some pictures!

Hi :)
I haven't posted in almost two weeks now and I apologize for that.. but at least I'm posting on a Wednesday, right? :)
Since I got back from Holland it's been very busy. My first week back I worked quite a bit and then had to catch up on some school stuff. It was a pretty busy week, but luckily my jet lag was not bad at all. This week has been about half as busy as last week, thank god, and I've uploaded a new channel trailer, "talking" video, and my first two vlogs from Holland, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the stuff I don't talk about on here, and to see some better visuals of the stuff I write about!

Tonight I went for my first run since I got back from my trip and did a short little workout afterwards and I think that that is a sign to get back to my blog and catch you guys up! If I have time to workout and keep up with YouTube, then I think I should have time to get back to all you blog readers!

After failing at blogging for almost two weeks, I thought the best way to get back to it was with a long post with lots of pictures; because who doesn't like looking at pretty places? Enjoy looking at a small gallery of the pictures I took in Holland, and I will be back into regular blogging with an Item of the Week on Friday!

Photobombed by a butt in this one...

This was my favourite drink in Holland as a kid :) It's just like yoghurt drink.

Stepped on a jelly fish...

but it was okay because look how cool they are!

I just wanted to point out that we visited Mordor :)

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- Kay :) 

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