Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good Food Good View

My vacation in Holland has been fantastic; I am not looking forward to heading home Saturday morning and facing my senior year of highschool.

As usual, I wanted to check out some stores in Alkmaar and while that was happening my father suggested we go to a little restaraunt on a roof.

This cute little gem is called "La Place" and it's a cafeteria/cafe type restaraunt in downtown Alkmaar. A lot of the resaraunt is inside, but there's a great little section out on the roof overlooking the old row houses and a canal.

Dad got some coffee and a delicious looking slice of peach pie, and I got a huge smoothie with strawberry, pineapple, orange, and banana. Yuumm!!

 The view from the patio!

I left this not-so-good picture in because I seem to have taken a picture of a man taking a video! Hello to whoever will be on the other side of that camera :)

In these last pictures are a few pairs of socks that I got from H&M today. I could not resist them!
I saw them as I came to the checkout. Those salespeople are smart; put the cool things near the cash register so I have to buy them.
One pair has watermelons (my favourite), one has bananas, and the last has kiwis.
So awesome! :)

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Thanks for reading!

- Kay xx :)

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