Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recent Nail Art

Happy Wednesday :)
As you know if you've looked through all my blog posts (if you haven't, go check them out! I only have like.. 20?), painting my nails is another passion for me. Sometimes I spend hours on them, sometimes I spend minutes. Either way, they have to look nice or I rub them off and try again.
So here's one of my "Recent Nail Art" posts! I definitely need to find a better name for them...
 These first four pictures are the ones that I've done with warmer colours. I'm more into blues, so there wasn't much in yellows and reds. Can you guess what there was a lot of? Sparkles! I seem to have gone sparkle crazy these past few months, including sparkles and glitter in almost all of my designs.
 These last pictures are all the blues :) As you can tell, I'm more into patterns and abstract nail art rather than making actual pictures on my nails.
I'm hoping to do a nail tutorial in the future. If any of you want me to show you how to make one of these nail designs let me know, otherwise send me a picture of nail art you'd like me to try and recreate. Also, I normally include in my post the names of all the polishes I used but since there were quite a few different nail arts in this post I decided to skip that part. If you'd like to know the specific polish used in one of the pictures just comment which picture it is and I will let you know what I used :)
Thanks for reading!

- Kay


  1. These are fabulous! I wish I had the patience to paint my nails like this!
    : signe : the daily savant :

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    1. it definitely requires patience haha. Some of them are super easy and quick though :)


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