Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kay Update

Happy Wednesday :)
Today I come to you rather unprepared, so I've decided to write a little update!

First of all; packing is pretty much done :) I'll be going to my Grandma's this Friday and staying there until Sunday, when she will be driving me to the airport for my flight!
I've been working on lots of YouTube videos lately, so if you're not subscribed go check them out :)

I've started a little travel series on there which will be continued and expanded on here, so make sure you're paying attention to all my platforms to get the most experience out of my experience (experienception... That joke is overused, I apologize).

Senior year draws closer and as it does, my stress levels rise. Hopefully this little trip to Europe will give me a break from my overthinking mind, but I know the second I step foot in my highschool the stress levels will be at a peak once again. I keep thinking that I'm probably overreacting when it comes to choosing a post-secondary plan of action, but it's my future right? I should be stressing about it... If any of you have any advice or tips about getting through senior year, please share; I'm freaking out.

Moving on to my healthy lifestyle in the making; it's not going great. I find myself eating really well and then having a fall out and eating like a pound of nachos... It's more difficult than I originally thought, but I'll keep trying and adjusting my diet until I find something that I can make a lifestyle out of :)

There's a little update for you all, I have a very bright product for you for my Item of the Week on Friday :)
Hope all is well with you guys xx Talk to me about anything!
Thanks for reading!

- Kay

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