Friday, August 15, 2014

Item of the Week: Wash Wash Wash

Hello :) Happy Friday!
Sorry about the later post today, at least it's still going up on Friday, right?
This Friday's Item of the Week is actually a beauty product; face wash, to be exact.
A little background on my skin: I have pretty clear skin. I only get pimples every few weeks as long as I eat well, drink lots of water, and keep my face clean. My face gets dry on my forehead and my cheeks, but greasy around my nose (which is usually where the acne shows up). If your skin is anything like mine, then I definitely recommend this face wash. Otherwise, I still recommend it but I cannot tell you for sure how well it will work on your skin :)

 This is the "Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser" from Neutrogena (but you could probably read that for yourself).
One of the problems I've had with face washes in the past is that after I've used them, they make my skin go super dry. They may be removing all the dirt and oils, but they are also removing any moisture from my skin. So far I have not found that to be an issue with this cleanser :) I don't have to moisturize my face afterwards because it doesn't dry out!
I consider face cleanser to be a crucial step in preventing and dealing with breakouts, so it's nice to have found one that does just that only without any negative side effects (ex. dry skin, burning, etc).
Though I don't remember exactly how much this facewash was, I know it was no more than $20 (probably around $10 actually)  because I would not spend that much on a face wash.
If you happen to try this out, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! As usual, comment any questions or anything really (I love to talk) down below, and I'll make sure to answer them :)
Thanks for reading!

- Kay


  1. Love Neutrogena, they have some of the best products.

    The Style Boro

    1. I think I love them too now :) I'm just happy I've found something that's not too harsh!


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