Friday, August 1, 2014

Item of the Week: Cloudy, Comfy, Casual

Good morning! Happy Friday :)

With another Friday comes another Item of the Week! This week I have decided to show you guys a shirt that I bought the other day when I went shopping with my friend. I was on a very tight budget (you'll see the reason at the end of this post) so I only got two shirts. One was a simple t-shirt and the other one was this funky, tye-dye ish long sleeve.

Here's a big closeup of the pattern so that you can see exactly what it is. It looks like it's been tye-dyed, and it reminds me of those long clouds you see sometimes. This shirt is more of a fall shirt because it is long sleeved so I wouldn't want to be wearing it in 30 degree weather. BUT since this Canadian summer has been colder than usual, I can still pair this with some summer shorts and not die of heat exhaustion (yay).

Here's me doing some serious poses to show you guys how it fits. 

And here I am hardly showing off the shirt but instead eating a daisy I found in the garden (it didn't taste good.. for those of you who were curious).

The shirt is by the brand "Retrod". I bought it at a Winners for $11 and it was originally $28.

Now that you've made it here, I have some news. Can you guess what that is I'm holding? This little pamphlet in my hand is the reason I have not been able to spend very much money. IT'S A PLANE TICKET TO HOLLAND. Sorry for yelling, but I'm so excited aahhhh. I leave on the 24th of August and come back on the 6th of September, just in time for... the second week of school ;) AHH I'm so excited for this. I'll be staying with my dad while I'm over there, and I'll be sure to get some great blog posts written; considering the awesome fashion and beautiful cities over there, that should not be too difficult :) Subscribe to my YouTube channel for some videos and also a travel diary!
Thanks for reading!
- Kay

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  1. Hi Kay and thank you for your visit!!! I'm very happy for you and for your european trip!!!! You asked me what camera I use? Until a week ago a compact normal. Now a Canon EOS 1200D (I have not yet learned how to use).....kisses,


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