Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Few Days in Holland

 Hello! Happy Wednesday :)
As promised, I am doing my best to keep up with my blog. My YouTube channel however may not have another video up for a while. I've run into an issue with charging my laptop (different electrical outlets here in Holland), but I may still be able to edit and upload through my dad's computer!

This Friday I will have a fashion post for you guys, but today let's talk about my travels so far! I arrived on Monday after a rather uncomfortable 7 hour flight (long legs, no legroom on a plane...bleh) and haven't done a huge amount of activities yet. Today after visiting the organic grocery store in Alkmaar, my dad and I visited the beach and the dunes in Bergen Aan Zee. Unfortunately the only two pictures I got at the beach have a photobomb by my finger. After I took these two, my dad said that this was a ... "bathing suit optional" (nude) beach, so I thought it best to put the camera away :P

We walked along the beach for about 15 minutes to a little restaurant. Unfortunately they did not have any mussels (my favourite) but the shrimp were almost as good! (lekker lekker :) )
This evening I decided to go on a short adventure around the pond. This little bridge is for walking but also for bikes to go over. It's less than 2 feet across and only has the railing on one side, so it's a little nerveracking to bike over! 

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Thanks for reading!
- Kay xx :)

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