Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top 3 Stores with Good Clothes AND Good Deals

Hello! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday evening!
I'll be honest, there is no excuse for me not posting this earlier, but I am determined to have this up before midnight.
Basically my day consisted of: being woken up by the phone, cooking a breakfast way too big for me, and then reading for about six hours before my shift at work. I recently got the new (and last) Mortal Instruments book; The City of Heavenly Fire, and I was COMPLETELY absorbed. I read about 700 pages in the last two days because this book was amazing and the perfect way to end the series. I definitely recommend it!

Now that I haven't got a book on the go and therefore have no distractions, I'd like to tell you guys my three favourite stores to shop at that are not overpriced but still have good clothing and styles.
Let's just get this straight: I am 17 years old and I am a poor teenager who just really loves fashion and basically spends most of her paycheck on clothing and accessories... (working on this bad habit because.. college.. and life.. I just need money). These stores do not have amazing quality clothing, but for a kid like me, it's not about the price, it's about what you do with the pieces you find.

1. Winners
Winners is just like a liquidation store for many different brands. I recently bought a very comfortable, but very stylish mint green t-shirt there that was originally $49 from Calvin Klein, but which I bought for $15 :)

2. Forever 21
Most of you should know what Forever 21 is, and if you don't.... how did you manage to avoid it and still use social media that revolves around fashion? The best way that I can think to explain it is this: you know those girls with the cute outfits on Tumblr? With their floral crowns and cool kimonos and patterned shorts and whatnot? Walk into a Forever 21 and you can most likely find an outfit quite similar to those Tumblr girls outfits, if not the exact same. Forever 21 can be pricey, yes, but it also has loads of cheaper, just as cute clothes.

3. Thrift Stores (Salvation Army, etc)
Now I know how some of you feel about thrift stores. To some it is gross, dirty, low, whatever you want to call it. To others it is heaven for finding awesome deals and that one statement piece that is really different. If you think lowly of thrift stores, I hope that some day someone takes you thrifting and tells you to keep an open mind; it will be so worth it! 

That's three stores that I can usually find something good at for a great price :) Check some of these places out, including the thrift stores! You never know what you may find.

Thank you all for reading, I will talk to you on Friday for an "Item of the Week".
xx, Kay


  1. Totally agree! Thrift shopping can be amazing if you know where to go and what to look for!
    Katie - Miss Adonis

    1. So true! Too many people are embarrassed to go thrift shopping; it's ridiculous.

  2. Yea! As a post-grad student, I completely relate! I personally love to go thrift store shopping. There are so many little hidden treasures. Plus, the look really becomes personal and unique to you rather than something mass produced. Great post!

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself! Not to mention the little trinkets and home decor you can find in thrift stores that have way more character than what you find in something like a Walmart. Thanks! :)


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