Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Style Secrets: Tucking

Hello all you wonderful people! I've got my muffin and coffee, and some pretty things to make me happy, and I'm ready to jump back into this blog!

I'd like to address the fact that I have not been posting as regularly as I would like to, and this needs to change. Starting today, Wednesday, July 23, I am going to post weekly every Wednesday. Hopefully this little promise will motivate me to actually follow that schedule... fingers crossed!

Today I'd like to share some little style tips that I have been using lately. Let's talk about shirts; loose fitted, baggy shirts that pretty much drown your body no matter what size you are. I used to avoid these kinds of shirts because I wanted something a little more form fitting. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE loose, comfy shirts. But there's "comfy and cute" loose, and then there's "this shirt is six sizes too big but I don't care what people think" loose. If you wear the second kind, that's okay because you should wear what you want. This blog post is just to show you how to make those huge shirts look a little more fitted and fashionable :) (without changing the shirt, no sewing skills necessary!).

I like to call this the "Tucking Trick". I have a few big shirts that I refuse to get rid of because they have so much potential. So to make them work better for my body, I simply tuck them into the bottoms that I have on! Here are some examples..

 This easy little trick also gives a much more laid back look to your outfit. In some examples, the shirt isn't necessarily extremely large, but the bottom of the shirt has a funny shape. This happens to old shirts sometimes, and sometimes you just buy them and then find out the bottom hem of the shirt is shaped a little strangely.

Tucking in your shirt solves this problem immediately.

I think this is also a style trick to keep in mind when thrift shopping. Sometimes you find shirts that have amazing patterns or textures but you don't think you should buy them because they just kindof hang off of you. You can just tuck the shirt and roll up the sleeves and BAM, it fits much better:)

I've found this to be a very easy way to make an outfit look cleaner and more put together. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration; you don't need to get rid of those old stretched shirts! 

P.S., someone help me name my posts about styling... for now it will be "Style Secrets" because it worked but these aren't exactly "secrets" they're just little tips that you may not have known about. So throw some words at me that click with "Style" and let's see if I can find something catchy!

xx, Kay


  1. I'm a big fan of high-waist shorts. This is the best kind of short to tuck the tops in and look gorgeous. Love your first look the most ;)

    1. Thank you :) I find it really uncomfortable to wear high wasted shorts sometimes, I'm trying to get used to them!


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