Friday, July 25, 2014

Item of the Week

Good morning! Here I am... already breaking my schedule of only posting on Wednesdays... the more the merrier right?
I've decided I am going to dedicate Fridays to an "Item of the Week". So I will pick something that I have been enjoying this week, and I will show it to you :) I'll let you know right now, Friday posts could get random! Since my Item of the Week won't always be a clothing/beauty item, you will definitely get to see some different things and learn what I like about them.

So todays Item of the Week is...

Not the lights, not the bag, not the person in the mirror, but the mirror itself!
For the past few months I've been using a mirror about half this size. So basically I could see a little more than half of me, and therefore half of my outfit. For someone whose highlight of the day is usually picking an outfit, this is not okay. How am I supposed to take mirror selfies if everything from my chest up is cut off?

This is why I'm very glad I picked up this simple 4 foot mirror at Walmart for $7.97! That's a LOT lower than I thought it would be! Now I can take full length selfies of my outfits AND you can even see my shoes!
(I may be overly excited about this...)
Kayla = Happy :)

Now I'd like to suggest another way for me to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to this blog... Outfit Of The Day Mondays? I feel like I have the least amount of motivation on Mondays, so I'd like to use this opportunity as motivation to put on something creative and then show it to you guys. Maybe you can use it as inspiration on your Monday morning? We shall see how well I do with three posts a week! Wish me luck!

xx -Kay


  1. Hi Kay!!!! Nice choice for this mirror!!!! Its impossible with a small mirror!!!! Thank you for your friendship in IFB.....Kisses,

    1. Thanks, I thought so too! and you're welcome :)


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