Monday, March 31, 2014

Recent Nail Art

Hello lovelies! So so sorry that I haven`t posted anything in a while.. I`ve been very busy with other things which I will post about on my blog eventually (ooo cliff hanger). To jump back into things, I`ve put together a small photo collage of my most recent nail art for you :)
So the first picture (top left) is just a quick manicure I did one day before school. Just a simple white tip (Suzy Shier polish) with a rose gold triangle on the ring finger.
The second picture was for valentines day. I painted my nails the colour "Bahama Mama" by Essie and then painted on some partial hearts with a dotting tool.
Third look was done with a Sally Hansen clear coat with little shapes in it called "Pixel Perfect" (which I am OBSESSED with right now) and then I dotted on some spots in the colour "Dreamer" by Revlon.
Fourth is just a plain coat of "Dreamer" with some simple silver striped on the ring finger.
Fifth picture is just some simple yellow nails in the colour "Mellow Yellow" by Sally Hansen (do you see a pattern? Love Sally!) with a matte top coat to make it a little more interesting.
And my final nail art picture was by far my favourite. I did an ombre nail with a dark blue from Suzy Shier and a white from... take a guess... Sally Hansen. I then painted over the ombre with Pixel Perfect to create a really cool effect. You can only see the white parts on the blue half of the nail and the black parts in the white half. Even though the white took FOREVER to dry, I will definitely be recreating this look very soon!

Keep checking up on my blog for a post about my newest favourite mascara and my trip to Toronto to see a shoe museum, a university fashion show, and a little bit of shopping!


  1. I love the ombre look the most as well. Man, how did you manage all that? Everytime I'm attempting nail art I end up smudging everything :( I'm also a fan of Sally Hansen polishes, and I have a dotting tool I haven't ever used yet.

    Love those looks, maybe you should do a mini-tutorial with pictures, that would be very useful!

    1. I'll definitely do a tutorial! That's a good idea, thanks :) And I'm very very patient with my nails... also I pee before I paint them :P Most of them do take a long time though


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