Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kay Update

Helllooo:) going to be posting some updates every now and then just so that this blog isn't totally boring. I figure I can pretty much post whatever I want and since I have a total of.. well.. 0 followers, it's not like there's very much pressure to be anyone but myself, and then by the time I have more than.. 0 followers
(ouch), it won't matter anymore because I'll be so used to posting exactly how I feel :)

So here's my update!
Spring has aaalmost sprung and the warmer it gets outside the happier I am inside (I'm a summer person).
The sun was out and shining so I went for my first run of the year today, and it felt FANTASTIC. Oh how I've missed running. It's time to get back into my fit, healthy lifestyle.

I was looking at colleges again today... Humber has lots of programs that I think I would love :) (such as interior design/decorating, fashion design, writing). Do you think I could maybe become a photojournalist?? Travel to places and events, take pictures, write about experiences. Sounds like a dream come true.. and that does happen right? I'd like to believe it does :)

Reading Lauren's (Lauren Elizabeth) latest blog post has made me crave a vintage shopping experience. I NEED TSHIRTS. I've decided I need to get t-shirts with the following graphics: Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, The Beatles, New York city, Paris, LA, and some with funky quotes and sayings. Living in a tiny town hours away from good shopping is torture :(

Update on my nails: I've continued taking these Silica tablets and my nails are growing longer and stronger and look faabulous with polish, breaking my nail-biting habit was one of the best things that I ever accomplished.

I think that's all to update on for now, talk to you soon, thanks for listening (er...reading).
- Kay


  1. Haha that is exactly how I felt when I first started my blog! Keep the posts coming and you will pick up a good following :) Remeber we all started at 0.
    Katie - Miss Adonis


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