Monday, February 3, 2014

My Favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus

I have only had one day of school in the past 10 days, and I feel like I am slowly losing my mind sitting at home. Since I live in a small town, there is NOTHING to do. So I have been entertaining myself with the wonderful world of YouTube :) I have watched beauty and fashion videos along with other types of videos (music, humour, entertainment, sports) for years. 
Since I figured it was about time for another blog post, I thought, why not post something about how I have spent the past week or so of my life? So here is a list I have put together of my favourite beauty gurus from ze YouTubes. (In no particular order because I adore them all.)

Lauren Elizabeth (LoveLaurenElizabeth)

This girl is absolutely gorgeous, hilarious, and (in my opinion), has a really sweet voice :) 
She has been on YouTube for years. Her style is edgy chic, but also cute and comfy, she can pull off any style and usually does! Her advice and just general talk videos are so inspiring and insightful. Lauren is a fantastic influence, and an extremely talented gal, and she is one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus.
See her channel at:

Meredith Foster (StilaBabe09)

Mere is one of the cutest girls out there. Her style is adorable and trendy and she always manages to make me laugh. One of my favourite qualities about her is her amazingly healthy, long hair. She always has fun in her videos, which makes me have fun while watching them. Mere is deffinitely one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus.

See her channel at:

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
 Zoe is an English blogger and YouTuber. Her style is cute and preppy (Zoe is someone who loves her collars). She started off as a blogger, but now has her blog and a very VERY popular (like "almost 4 million subscribers" popular) YouTube channel. She is an absolute sweetheart who posts awesome beauty videos, fun DIY's, and hilarious collabs with her bestfriend Louise and the rest of the English gang ;)  (Marcus, Alfie, Tanya, etc). Zoella has always been and always will be one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus. 

See her channel at:

Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07)

I bet you were all expecting Beth. This girl is going places; she has released her own clothing line at Aeropostale and is going on her very own tour (Congrats girl). I've been watching Bethany on YouTube for a long time, and I am so proud of her :) Her style is cute, comfy, and girly. She is so goofy and always makes her viewers laugh. Bethany is dedicated; she will go to huge lengths to make her fans happy, and that's only one of the reasons that she is one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus :) 

See her channel at:

Meghan Rienks 

Meghan is so freaking weird and I LOVE IT. This girl is always herself on camera, and everyone loves her for it. Her style is sophisticated and sometimes beachy. I've been watching Meghan for at least a year now, and she has the greatest personality with the looks to go with it. She cheers me up everytime I watch her :) Meghan is one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus.

See her channel at:

Evelina Barry (EvelinaCutza)

I've been subscribed to Evelina since she started :) She has always been one of my favourites. Though her hair colour's been all over the place, her personality has remained sweet and caring, with a tonne of passion to go with it. Evelina does AMAZING look books and fashion videos with the help of her husband. She always finds a way to make her videos entertaining, like you're watching a professionally produced, Hollywood short film. This girl's got skills, and is one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus.

See her channel at: 

There are so many more incredible gurus out there, but my fingers are getting tired so we'll stop here, and maybe I'll make a part two later :) 

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