Thursday, January 16, 2014

Healthy Eating : Some tips for keeping you motivated

Everyone wants to eat healthy and enjoy it. At first, it is DIFFICULT to do (emphasis on the difficulty). I have been trying to adapt a healthy lifestyle for a while now.. everything about it is appealing (the good feeling, the "hot bod", the energy, the overall healthfullness), but it is so much harder than it seems, especially when you realize you need to eat healthy foods alongside with however you choose to exercise. I understand your struggles! and I have put together some tips to make healthy eating a bit easier :)

1. Pick healthy foods you like! They do exist, I promise.
The trick is to find something you know you like that is also healthy. Try new foods, see what you like. Learn to make foods out of healthy ingredients that taste amazing, rather than reaching for some microwavable dinner that probably has a longer shelf life than you do. There are sweet and salty foods that are good for you too, that aren't going to hurt your body. For example: cherries, sweet potatoes, dried fruits, nuts, whole-grain crackers, dark chocolate, bananas, pretzels, oatmeal and cinnamon. 

2. Let yourself cheat sometimes, especially at first.
Having a cheat meal or indulging on one of your favourite treats every once in a while is good for you. I know from experience that trying to ONLY eat healthy foods will drive you to the point where you will eventually over indulge on the bad stuff. In other words, if all you eat are salads and your daily protein shake, you're going to end up eating 2 bags of chips and a few chocolate bars to go along with it. You have to work up to a completely clean diet, and when you get there, you'll know because you won't even want the bad stuff anymore!

3. Surround yourself with health.
I know it can be hard when you're not the one doing the grocery shopping (I'm still under my parent's roof), but try your best to only have healthy food within your reach. Out of sight out of mind, right?

4. Tumblr.
A social media site? How will that help with healthy eating? Well let me tell you, it's one of the best ways to get motivation. This goes for other social media sites too. There is an amazingly motivational community of people on social media sites who have the same desire for a healthy lifestyle as you do. You motivate eachother. By following these health inspired accounts, your news feeds are always filled with fit people, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes to get you inspired. Let's face it, we are a generation that is checking our social media 24/7, so why not take advantage of that?

5. Set goals.
You hear this a lot, I know, but that's because it's GOOD ADVICE. Since the day we could walk and talk, people love to achieve. Set goals for yourself. Reach a certain amount of days of clean eating ( plus cheat meals), buy yourself something nice. Put a sticker on the calendar for every day that you felt you ate healthy foods (Everyone loves stickers!), once you get to a certain amount, spend a day being lazy and doing whatever you want. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is something that almost everyone is trying to achieve. You can do it!

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