Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Jewelry Frame

Here's a fun, and so simple, do-it-yourself project that's super easy! It's a great way to store your favourite pieces of jewelry ; easy to find and grab on the go, and you always have a gorgeous framed display. 

What you'll need :  
Push pins. Whatever colour would match your frame.

Frame. Keep in mind that if you want your jewelry to 
hang in the frame and you have long necklaces, use a bigger frame.
Cardboard or cork board. I used cardboard because I didn't have any cork board, but a thick piece of cork board works best :)
Black paint and brush. I used acrylic black paint and a wide brush.
What to do
  1. Set the frame on the cardboard or cork board and trace the inner rectangle of the frame onto the board.
  2. Cut out the board just outside of your lines. You'll need about a centimeter of extra board so the frame holds it. 
  3. Paint the whole thing black.
  4. When it's dry, put the cut board into the frame and secure it. If the frame didn't come with latches on the back, hot glue will work fine. 
  5. Now put the push pins in where you want them and voila, your own jewelry frame! 

~This idea was inspired by Evelina Barry, one of my favourite YouTubers who made her own jewelry frame :) I believe in giving credit where it's due, so shout out to Evelina for coming up with this great project.~

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