Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Phone Case Designs

Hi there.
I haven't been on in a while. Exams got crazy at school and honestly I've just been enjoying myself and working on my YouTube channel over the summer. But as usual I'm back and ready to get back into blogging again, hopefully with one video per week (haven't decided the day yet though). 

Another thing I've been doing over the summer is designing phone cases. It all started when I bought a paint marker and drew all over a black phone case I had been using. I created an intricate floral/tribal design that people at my school seemed to really really like. Me being the creative and eager individual that I am decided to focus some of my energy on making more phone cases and attempting to sell them (because if you didn't already know, I'm a student and I have no money). I've already sold 2 cases, and I have 2 more that people are buying that I need to meet up with. I'm currently looking into selling the cases on Etsy or another online shop like that, so if you know of any good home-made online stores let me know! I'd also love to know what you guys think of the cases, so tell me which one is your favourite:)

My cat came to see what was happening.

Then my other cat came to check it out.

Thanks for reading!

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- Kay xx

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Bookery: Travel Journal

Hellloo! I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend that you spent with your loved ones, and I hope you're feeling rested and refreshed now and ready to hop into spring (pun intended)!
I've decided to categorize my travel related blog posts as "Travel Journals". During my lifetime my goals are to travel to as many different places, talk to as many different people, and learn as many different things as possible. Since I've posted in the past about my adventures in Holland and my trips to Toronto, I've decided I should refer to all these little posts as something memorable and simple, something that you can see I've posted and you'll say "Oh I wonder where she went today!", which is why all my travel posts will now be considered part of my "Travel Journal" and they will be "journal entries" :)

When you think about travelling, even merely hear the word, you think of exotic countries and expensive plane rides. But the thing about travelling and learning, is that it can be done from as far away as the other side of the world, to your own back yard, and I'd like people to keep that in mind when they feel envious of others who can afford to hop on a plane and stay in a fancy hotel in Italy. Adventure and learning is around every corner, and you can find some of the most interesting places just by going for a walk in your neighborhood.

Life lesson aside, let me introduce you to a little town in Ontario, Canada, called Fergus. I'll try not to bore you, but hundreds of years ago Fergus was known as "Pierpoint Settlement". It was settled by Scottish people which is why it now holds the annual Fergus Scottish Festival (if you want more information on the town's heritage, the site can be found at http://www.fergus-ontario.com/little-falls.htm).

This background knowledge leads me to my exploration location: The Bookery. This little shop is inspired by Scottish, Irish, and Celtic heritage, and it contains thousands of books from modern day fiction to old rarities and first editions. Walking into The Bookery feels like walking into another time; the store feels characteristically old, the employees are helpful and wonderful, and it is pretty much filled from top to bottom with interesting pieces. The store also carries a wide range of beautiful stones and jewelry. These little trinkets are one of the things that attracts me to the shop. They have beautiful polished gems with symbolic meaning, Celtic and other religious inspired jewelry, and amazing engraved stones, all also with their own meanings.

I bought the hanging turquoise bracelet with the rose gold tree that you can just about see hanging in the top right corner of the above photo + a book titled "Apocalypses" which you can see a few photos down.

I have to say, I could probably spend hours in this little shop, and it's a wonderful place to get a feel for the heritage that the town was raised on. The atmosphere in the shop is positive and intriguing, and if any of you ever happen to visit Fergus, The Bookery is a must see.

Thank you again to the girl who kindly helped me and let me take pictures today, I should have gotten your name! If anyone is interested in looking into this shop, they have a website at http://bookery.ca/thebookery.ca/

Thanks for reading!
- Kay

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter!

In honour of spring and Easter, I made another holiday themed fashion sketch.

 This time I've got a blonde girl (with hair slightly inspired by my new cut) in some very springy attire. Her shoes are brown, laceless shoes. If they were real, I'm thinking they'd be suede. I love the look of these shoes, especially with the jeans. I decided to go for capris because even though it is spring, here in Canada it is not nearly warm enough for shorts yet.
I added this adorable floral jumper, and I wish I could grab the clothes right off the page and wear them; maybe someday I'll be motivated enough to actually bring some of my designs to life.
I gave her a bright magenta lip that matches some of the flowers, and then she's wearing a black lace halter bralette (which I actually do own, yay).

These are the pencils I use. "design by Bruynzeel - Sakura". They are watercolour and pretty expensive, but the quality is totally worth the price. I think I paid around $40 for this set at a local art supplies shop. 

Thanks for reading! :) HAPPY EASTER!
- Kay

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Makeup Modelling

Just got back from the big city of Toronto. I got up at 4:45am to head down there for my friends makeup exam which she asked me to help with. She is studying to be a makeup artist and she is amazing! The first look she did was a "1920s" themed look, with a bold red lip, thin, drawn on eyebrows, and dark black eyes (fun fact: in the 1920s when they wore makeup it was usually black grease). 
The second look was a contemporary look that was supposed to be an "11am interview makeup" look and they both turned out amazing, I'm still wearing the second :) enjoy these pictures from my day trip! 
- Kay

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Art of Fashion

Fashion is everywhere. People who don't even think twice about what they wear in the morning are participating in fashion. I myself prefer to go deeper with fashion; I prefer to look at it as a form of art. Which is why I have decide to start a series on my blog: The Art of Fashion.
I will post fashion sketches for now, but if it goes well it may move on to more artistic forms of fashion. 
Let me know what you think:)
Enjoy these holiday-themed fashion sketches that I made a while ago!
- Kay

Monday, March 23, 2015

Florida 2015

If you don't follow any of my social media (stop reading, go do that, then come back) then you wouldn't know that I had the awesome opportunity of spending a week on a resort in Florida. Most of the time we just chilled by the pool and enjoyed the much need sunshine. We did however go to Disney also. 
If you guys want to see videos of my trip, they're on my channel --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw049osTpsxinzVgxfpwgjA
Otherwise I'll post a little vacation gallery here. Enjoy! 
- Kay

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